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Become the data hero in your team

Querycafe will help you to be a data-driven team. Bring business data scattered in various sources to one place, run SQL queries on them, and share results with others.

What makes Querycafe?

Import data from anywhere

Querycafe makes it easy to bring all business data to a single source. Be it JSON APIs, CSVs, or legacy data you need to scrape off web pages, Querycafe supports them all.

A Zapier integration easily pushes data from various apps.

Fully loaded SQL

Enjoy a superior SQL editing experience, with syntax highlighting, column name autocompletion and validation.

Querycafe runs the latest SQLite engine with added extensions for JSON, advanced aggregations and statistics.

Interactive charts

Building auto-updating interactive charts takes only a couple of clicks.

Support for more extensive visualizations is on the roadmap.

Share and embed results

You can share query results and charts with anyone with publicly accessible links. Easily embed the share links in other apps like Notion.

Easy to use API

Use Querycafe's API to customize it to match your workflow and integrate with your existing systems. You can use your favorite language to talk to the API.

                curl --location --request POST 'https://api.query.cafe/v1/add_records' \
                --header 'Authorization: Bearer ' \
                --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
                --data-raw '{
                  "table": "sales",
                  "columns": ["customer_id", "sku", "amount_in_usd", "created_at"],
                  "rows": [
                    ["5665", "ck2020-09091", 1200, 1600323812],
                    ["3450", "ck2020-09125", 4500, 1600323322],
                  "overwrite": false